KU Engineering Trip

Kelli Morrison

This October, Mrs. Laura Hirsch and Ms. Wendy Elkins took five students to the University of Kansas for a high school engineering design competition. The KU Engineering competition is meant to bring top minded high school students to an environment of creative thinking.

Teams can choose from programming, LEGO mindstorms, aviation, chemical and structures to compete in. Each year Mrs. Hirsch gets with her team and lets the students decide which of the five categories they want to participate in.The competition they choose to participate in this year was to create something to withstand a natural disaster on an island. Teams do not know the natural disaster and have to plan accordingly but when they arrive at the competition, they received the disaster. They received a natural disaster of an earthquake. Kaitlan Muzingo (12), Alexis Delgado (12), Omar De La Torre (12), David Hollingsworth (12), and Calvin Teater (11) all put in hard work after school to help get the final product accomplished. Delgado explained that they were put into the highest level, a level five for their novice ranking in sixth place. They did so well, that they were allowed to try the advanced portion of the testing, which put a weight on the structure and stimulated the earthquake just like they did in the novice division.

“The best part was honestly seeing the facility, and touring. We got a campus tour, but re went inside a lot of the labs and research areas, which you can’t do that in a regular campus visit, that’s something special for that day and it was really neat”, Delgado said.