High Achieving Students Receive Recognition on “Wall of Honor”

Olivia Talbert

As the pressure of enrolling for next year takes the focus of under-classmen’s minds, the Wall of Honor stands outside the south gym to motivate students to reach their full potential.
Previously the Wall of Honor was located on the school website, and was what we call now the Hall of Fame. After much consideration the administration along with the department chair teachers, and community members, made the decision to give the Wall of Honor a new meaning for students.
“I wanted to call that [the wall of honor] hall of fame to save wall of honor something in house,” Principal Ed West said.
Now that the Wall of Honor transitioned from alumni to students, the administration decided on a set of guidelines for students to strive to achieve.
“What we decided to have is one nation, one state, and one local standard,” Mr. West said.
The national standard Mr. West was referring to is the AP National Scholar set by the College Board. There are multiple levels to this but the minimum requirement is a 3 or higher on 3 or more AP exams. The state standard is the AP State scholar by scoring a 32 or above on the ACT. As for the local standard, it was taken from the schools high honors and honors program.
“The idea here was to make that public and noticed, so that the students who are on the fence about what path to take academically and how hard to push themselves,” Mr. West said.
According to Mr. West, three years ago only 27 percent of students at Shawnee Heights took accelerated courses.
“This [the Wall of Honor] might be one source of motivation to push themselves in the direction that we think is helpful, especially if you’re college bound,” Mr. West said.