Join a Club

Hybrid and remote learning has had a huge impact on club participation.

Laurel Padilla, Reporter

A great way to get involved is being part of a club. This year clubs have faced a new level of difficulty. While students only get two real in-person school days, or fully remote during the first semester, clubs have been encouraged to meet over Zoom. 


“For our club, Zoom club meetings are not effective because scheduling and notifications are very challenging,” Black Student Union (BSU) sponsor Deborah Robbs said. “The motivation to join a club meeting on Zoom is very limited.” 


Club advisors and club presidents face the difficulties of making zoom meetings interesting and creative online activities for their members. 


“Kids are on Zoom or the internet a lot and they miss actually seeing their friends in person. We have not had many show up for Zoom meetings,” Spirit Club sponsor Terri Ward said. “We are looking forward and hoping next year things will be back to normal.” 


Members and participants for each club have seen a major decrease in attendance. 


“Basically down to a very few club members as compared to at least 75 in previous years,” Robbs said. 


Normal activities and functions have either been canceled or switched to an online version. 


“Our normal activities have mostly been canceled or changed drastically,” Robbs said. 


Spirit Club has especially been challenged with their normal activities being canceled. They play a major role in every athlete’s game. They cheered on the football team by honking with support and staying safely in cars. 


“The core of the club is being present at games and supporting the teams, we have not been able to do that,” Ward said. “We have not been able to do most of the many things we normally do.” 


Some sponsors have also decided to lessen the number of club meetings hosted. Key Club, sponsored by Jennie Lee, meets monthly now. 


“Community service opportunities this year have not been what they were. Obviously, this is not because the community is not in need but because of the risks of gathering in groups,” Lee said. 


Clubs are doing the best they can to give students a fun experience during these difficult times. Joining a club can introduce a student to new people and they may find an interest in something they’ve never tried before.


Anime and Comic Club: Mr. Simons 

  • Purpose: a student-run group that celebrates the Japanese art of animated film making Japanese graphic novels as well


Art Club: Mr. Paget 

  • Purpose: To promote the love of art and art-related activities in our school and community


Black Student Union (BSU): Mrs. Robbs 

  • Purpose: to promote a better understanding between African-Americans and other races at Shawnee Heights high school and in the community of Topeka


Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA): Mr. Tapia 

  • Purpose: To inspire and prepare students to become community-minded business leaders in society. To help with career preparation and leadership experience.


Renaissance Club: Mr. Spade & Mrs. Wilson 

  • Purpose: sponsor many events and are about bringing a cultural change. They want to renew school climate and culture for the 21st-century


Spirit Club: Mrs. Ward

  • Purpose: fun club getting out and supporting teams. Instilling good school spirit, promoting good sportsmanship and citizenship for visiting schools 


T-Birds Together: Mrs. Hinton 

  • Purpose: uplift student morale by opening a dialogue within our student body about mental health. Safe space for students to expressed feelings as well as receive support from fellow students


Key Club: Mrs. Lee 

  • Purpose: Organization oriented towards community service. Often volunteer at the rescue mission, help with food banks, and charity auctions and fundraisers in the community. Helps obtain leadership positions.