Amount of Summer School Students Increases

Due to COVID-19, the amount of students needing credit recovery over the summer has increased.

Abbey Manzanares, Copy Editor

The number of students invited to summer school in order to recover credits has increased from the previous years.

This increase was expected due to the many obstacles students have faced during hybrid and remote learning. Teachers are prepared to help these students finish their courses via Edgenuity. The students will work on their class/es for three and a half hours at their own pace in order to complete. Summer school is during the month of June which means that if students can’t finish all their courses in the building then they are advised to do some at home.

“Students arrive in the morning hours (usually around 8 am) and report to a room supervised by a high school staff member,” Ed West, principal, said. “Summer school will be in-person using Edgenuity as a credit recovery tool. It will have the same look as any typical summer program at the high school in terms of students working at their own pace on an individualized plan.”

Although the administration recommends taking credit recovery over the summer, it is not a requirement for graduation. Many students choose to take it over the summer in order to take the electives they want during the normal school year. 

“Summer school is not a requirement. Depending on what the student needs to make up there are options including taking credit recovery during the school year,” Laurie Crimmins, a counselor, said.

Something new that is being tried this year is offering transportation to students. It would be just like the regular school year where there are a route and time for each student. This will be trial and error as they haven’t had this option in the past. 

Credit recovery isn’t the only summer school option as two other courses are offered. These courses would be taken through Edgenuity but wouldn’t require the student to come in.

“We offer two summer school classes outside of credit recovery. We use Edgenuity for those courses as well,” West said. “Teen Topics is a popular summer school course for incoming freshmen, and Integrated Science A is popular among incoming sophomores.”

Taking Teen Topics over the summer allows the freshman the opportunity to choose another elective that interests them during the school year. Integrated Science A is a requirement in order to take Honors Chemistry which is why it’s a popular choice as well. 

If a student would like to graduate early then they can contact their counselor to create a plan. Summer school isn’t necessarily needed but can be an option. There is a high chance that summer courses won’t need to be taken.

“Students wanting to graduate early just need to pass their classes and make sure they are following the required course guidelines,” Crimmins said.  “Our graduation requirements of 24.5 credits are set up so students can graduate at semester of their senior year.”