The Totem Online


Ethan Armbruster and Isaiah Wilson

October 6, 2017

The average finsta (fake instagram) accounts consist of complaints, rants, and random things about their typical day, but Senior, Lucy Hill, took a little bit of a different approach on her finsta. Hill’s finsta however, takes ...

Mental Health

Logan Bissell

October 3, 2017

When thinking about high school, most adults say it was the best four years of their lives. But when  asking teens or young adults, they will say it was a time of anxiety, stress, and depression.     It is no secret that ...


Katie Moison, Newspaper staff member

September 15, 2017

  How would you feel if I told you that everything you've ever known is a lie? Recently many people are hearing about the "Mandela Effect" and in result people are very confused.   The principal idea is that large gr...

Point Counter Point Homecoming Candidates Should/Should Not Dress Up During Spirit Week

Kortney Michel

September 15, 2017

Point Recent twitter fights broke out over whether or not candidates should dress up for homecoming week. In my opinion, if they are up for homecoming they should participate in the activities such as dressing up. The candidates are...

Band Trip

Bradyn Smith

September 15, 2017

   Marching Thunderbirds received a superior rating for both Capital City and Central States Marching Festivals. Capital City Marching Festival is a marching band competition between six bands at the university of Was...

Wizard Of Oz Anniversary

Kelli Morrison

September 15, 2017

Oztoberfest is held in downtown Wamego, Kansas yearly to start off the month of October like there's no place like home. This year, it was held the weekend of October 1. Oztoberfest had the honor of including special guest Jane...

Senior Adison Stallons Sings at the Classic Bean

Jessica Mowery

September 15, 2017

Alumni Rachel Taylor hosted a music event where Adison Stallons, Natalie Gish, Isabella Freisburg and Rachel herself performed for an audience singing a variety of music as well as original songs. "I've been singing since ...

Super Moon

Bradyn Smith

September 15, 2017

The earth lit up the night before November 14. The moon was going through its phases, and reached its closest distance it had been to the earth in nearly 70 years. During the supermoon, the moon shined 30 percent brighter, and...

Black Friday

Sami Thomas

September 15, 2017

The day after Thanksgiving also called Black Friday is a popular time for Americans to go out and bargain shop. Black Friday started in 1932. It is said to be the beginning of Christmas shopping season in the United States. It...

Veterans Day

Keiton Kirkegard

September 15, 2017

Each year, on November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day. A day in which honors all that have served in our armed forces. Veterans day has been celebrated as a national holiday for nearly a century. There are many ways to celebrat...

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