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Shawnee Heights Women Show Great Leadership

Andrea Lopez and Rebecca Donaldson

February 4, 2018

Over the last century, women have had incredible growth in leadership positions. Locally, the Shawnee Heights district gained four female board members, making the majority of seven members, female. Three of these women are new to...

Showing Exceptional Pride For Cultures

Andrea Lopez and Emily Seuell

November 15, 2017

Your culture contributes to traditions, religious beliefs and values. Three students show their pride for their heritage by participating in social media movements, activism and more. Emily Lopez, Faith Childs and Jose Robles-So...

A Show Stopper

Rebecca Donaldson

November 15, 2017

Starting Nov. 16, the musical production of ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’ will be performed through Nov.18 at 7 p.m.. The production will have 23 sets and 12 locations. Compared to ‘Shrek’ last year ...

Foreign Experience

Andrea Lopez, staff

October 6, 2017

Ever wondered what other parts of the world looked like? Ever wondered about the culture, food, cars, and people? Five young students got the chance to experience all of that when they decided to take a journey halfway across t...

Hubert Leaves At Semester To Prepare For D1 Football

Brooklyn Armbruster

September 15, 2017

D1 bound defensive end, Wyatt Hubert is a notable individual. At 9 years old he attended his first Kansas State football game. Since then he’s had his eyes on only one college. Hubert has earned quite the reputation for his so...

Kailey Ward Award

Sami Thomas

September 15, 2017

Junior, Kailey Ward won the 2016 Sunflower State Games Female Athlete for rowing. “[My coaches] didn’t tell me anything. I was pretty excited,”Ward said. Athletes can be nominated by coaches or spectators. She achieved...

Seasonal Workers

Rebeccca Donaldson

September 15, 2017

Just like your favorite seasonal drinks, eggnog and pumpkin spice, some job opportunities only come around once a year. For many students at Shawnee Heights, seasonal jobs are a good way to gain experience and cash without bec...

Teachers Side Jobs

Valeri Dodds

September 15, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, teachers do more than most students would think. Many have other jobs outside of teaching. Being parents, beauty consultants, and even business owners are just a few examples of the many things tha...

KU Engineering Trip

Kelli Morrison

September 15, 2017

This October, Mrs. Laura Hirsch and Ms. Wendy Elkins took five students to the University of Kansas for a high school engineering design competition. The KU Engineering competition is meant to bring top minded high school students...

Tech Teens

Brookyln Armbruster

September 15, 2017

Whether it’s a laptop, self driving car, or just simply your phone, technology is everywhere around us. These things haven’t always been around. In our generation we have the privilege of the Internet right at our fingertip...

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