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The Toll of Birth Control

The Toll of Birth Control

January 24, 2020

Winter Driving Tip

Mia Osier

December 17, 2019

As the weather gets colder, young drivers dread driving in the snow because of the dangerous conditions. The first thing to know before hitting the roads is what kind of weather you'll be driving in. Snow is usually more managea...

Purpose of Vaping

Hannah Arensdorf, Staff Member

November 14, 2019

WHAT’S THE HYPE? If you were to pull ten random high school students, at least four of them has, or currently vapes. The rise in teen is up to nearly 40%. Vaping made it debut in 2009, and became widely more popular sinc...

DUI Details

Rebecca Donaldson, Copy Editor

May 2, 2019

Ranking fourth in the nation, Kansas is among the top strictest states regarding DUI laws. The states were ranked on a point system comparing how strict they were on 15 subjects: minimum fine, minimum jail time, ignition interlock m...

New Beginnings- Diets

Kianna Glenn

March 4, 2019

Over the last few generations, there has been a transformation in the way society addresses the idea of food and dieting. In the last two decades, a plethora of fad-diets have been brought to fame. These food trends are promot...

New Teacher Program

Brianna Caldino

March 1, 2019

Starting next year, Shawnee Heights has added a new career exploration program for students interested in a teaching career. The idea of bringing this program to the school has been up in the air for a while, but with a combina...

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