Being a freshman on drum line

Being a freshman on drum line

Ryan Berry

Being a part of drum line was one of the best choices I have made my freshman year. I have gotten to make many new friends, improve my drumming skills, and learn to get more involved in school activities.

Drum line tryouts have just finished for the 2014-2015 school year. It has got me ready and excited for marching band with all the trips we take and all the late night rehearsals. Tryouts have consisted of one week of an hour after school each day practicing for the audition. I always practice at home as well, it takes dedication to make a drum.

I feel like drum line will only continue to get better and better. I hope to make a snare drum for the 2014-2015 marching season. Being on a snare drum, would be a really awesome experience.

While being in drum line for only a year, I have made many friends and gained experiences that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. When I filled out the enrollment sheet, I had no idea that it included all of this.

Most people think that we are just a group of teenagers playing drums, but we have turned out to be like a family people could say. We are always helping out each other when practicing and help each other to improve and get better. We also hangout frequently on the weekends and right before big marching days.

Drum line doesn’t just end in high school; many people have moved on to college and joined their drum line. For some reason I feel like that drum line will never be the same as being in drum line in high school.