The Lighting Designer


Shawnee Heights graduate Louie Cortez uses a remote access control device to turn the lights on and off in the auditorium.

Cooper Budt

Ever since the high school opened its doors, students have gone on to doing a big things, and Class of 2011 graduate Louie Cortez is one of them. After leaving the high school, he went on Washburn University pursuing a major in technology administration, but earlier considering one in lighting design.
During the weeks leading up to the spring musical, Cortez worked in the new auditorium designing lighting effects for the show. Cortez worked closely with teachers Jeff Boyer, Robert Doole, and the stage director assisting them with whatever they needed.
“Some of the major responsibilities I have are focusing the lights on stage as well as in the house. Programming and setting cues on the light board for the show, assisting Boyer, Doole, and the stage manager where ever necessary,” Cortez said.
This isn’t Cortez’s first project; he has also worked with local dance company “The Dance Factory,” this is where Cortez learned most of his techniques while he was their assistant lighting director. A good design can go a long way, and it can add a certain essence to the production.
Lighting designers have to take many aspects into accounts, they have to know all about the show they are working on, and spend many hours of work just doing one production.