Pulling Braids and Taking Dubs

Move Over Football Players, there is a New Team in Town

The second year come back for the powder puff football game made for an intense night with tensions high between the classes. The junior class, previous winners from last year finished the night in second place. Seniors took first place with no other class scoring a touchdown on them.

    Spirit club runs powder puff each year to raise money and food for families in need with some friendly competition. Spirit club raised over $200 with admission fees and canned goods for families in need by people who wanted to come and watch the game. Also with the help of the football boys who coached the girls and were referees for the game.

     Powder puff is a flag football game for girls. There is no tackling involved to make it safer for everyone because there is no pads. A surprising turn with not enough flags for all the players later led to tackle football and hair pulling. Next year spirit club is considering instead of powder puff to do a kickball tournament for safety reasons.

“I was surprised when I got my hair and hood pulled and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. I definitely didn’t want to run the ball anymore after that,” sophomore, Lexi Coulter said.

     Not having enough flags became a big issue among the girls throughout the night. Some players had flags and others did not, leaving the game unfair and players getting in the refs faces. The intentions were good and spirits were high. Leaving players saying it was so fun and that they are looking forward to next year. The competition brought out fun among all classes throughout the night.