Highlights and Heart Breaks of 2016

Brooklyn Armbruster

The year of 2016 was quite an eventful year to say the least.There is no phrase nor single word to describe the rollercoaster of events America went through in just this past year. Do the negatives outweigh the positives? Or was the year more good than bad? Or was it split even? This list of events helped define the year of 2016.


Cubs winning the world series in extra innings

Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead

First female president nominee

Trump winning presidency

Zika outbreak

Pulse nightclub shooting

Police officers ambushed in Dallas

Police brutality caught on video

Iconic Celebrity deaths including: Muhammad Ali, Price, David Bowie, Carrie Fischer, Gene Wilder, Arnold palmer, John Glenn

Peyton Manning retiring with a Super Bowl championship.

Brock Turner being sentenced to just six months in jail

2016 Rio Olympics

Ryan Lochte’s situ

For the first time since Thriller & Purple rain (1984) black artists top the album charts for more than 27 weeks

Harambe’s death

Russian Hacking

War in Syria nearing 6th year mark

Flint, Michigan water crisis