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Katie Moison, Newspaper staff member

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  How would you feel if I told you that everything you’ve ever known is a lie? Recently many people are hearing about the “Mandela Effect” and in result people are very confused.

  The principal idea is that large groups of people, complete strangers remember specific events happening but in reality those things never actually happened.

   The Mandela Effect got its name from a specific event that a huge amount of people remember. Large groups recall Nelson Mandela dying in the 1980s in prison, but in reality he died December 5, 2013. People specifically remember newscasts and seeing television clips talking about his death and even of his funeral. There was a book published October 1,1991 called “English Alive”. In this book there is a line that reads “Nelson Mandela died on the 23rd of July in 1991,”

   One really famous example of the Mandela Effect  is “The Berenstain Bears”. Many people remember it always being spelled with an e and not an a, “The Berenstein Bears” but looking back that version of spelling never actually existed. There was a specific lady who remembered an experience she had with this. When she was a little girl she wrote “Berenstain” on her paper and her teacher corrected it to “Berenstein”. She then went home to check and realized her teacher was right. But, how does that make since if it was never “Berenstein”?

  Another popular example that is really messing with this generation is Snow White.Many people remember the evil queen saying “Mirror, Mirror on the wall,” but it has always been said as “Magic, Mirror on wall,” There are many other things such as “Febreeze” has always been “Febreze” and in Star Wars, Darth Vader said “No, I am your father,” instead of “Luke, I am your father,”

 There are multiple conspiracies to what is happening. One theory is that we are sliding between here and a parallel universe. For this to be true, parallel universes must be real and we would be constantly switching back and forth between them. The second theory is that we are basically being controlled by a computer system and they’re having glitches with consistency. The third theory is time travel. People are coming from the future and changing things and even the slightest things that are changed effect everything else. Lastly, many believe that people are just misinterpreting things. It’s almost like the world is playing a big game of telephone and we are changing things just by what we hear.

  Lately, the Mandela Effect has been arising on social media and people are beginning to go crazy over the situation. It’s up to you to choose what you believe, but something’s not right and it’s mind blowing.

Poll , percentage of people who Thought wrong out of 100

Star Wars: 91%

Mirror,Mirror: 78%

Kit-Kat: 60%

Jiffy: 48%

Forest Gump: 100%

Febreeze: 84%

The Berenstein Bears: 87%

Monopoly: 67%

Other examples:

What it is.                             What people think

Chick-fil-a.                            Chic-fil-a

Curious George-no tail.        Curious George has a tail

Sex and the city.                   Sex in the city

Froot Loops                           Fruit loops

Looney tunes.                       Looney toons

Skechers                               Sketchers

Oscar Mayer.                        Oscar Meyer

Totinos                                  Tostinos

Mona Lisa Smirking.             Mona Lisa has never had a smile what so ever

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