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The average finsta (fake instagram) accounts consist of complaints, rants, and random things about their typical day, but Senior, Lucy Hill, took a little bit of a different approach on her finsta. Hill’s finsta however, takes the positive approach. She posts everyday about something she is happy about.

“There is always going to be at least one thing in a day to be thankful for,” Hill said. Hill made the account over a year ago. Her account has 308 followers, 24 of those were in the first 24 hours of her making the account. Hill posts once everyday, she currently has 447 posts.

“I saw other girls do it in Texas, but otherwise there’s not really anything in Kansas to get the idea from,” Hill said. After Hill, the Happy Days account started to become a common trend around Shawnee Heights and Topeka. Nearly 10 people have started their own Happy Days account following in Hill’s footsteps.

“I wanted them to join me and try the challenge,” Hill said. “I love seeing when people start their own.” The original challenge for Hill was to get to 100 happy days in a row. Hill is currently on day 447 and still going. She doesn’t know how long she’ll keep going or when she’ll stop.

“It’s kind of a reflection for me to look back and realize, hey it isn’t a hard life,” Hill said. Hill doesn’t miss days often but when she does she tries to go back and make up for it.

“Usually my family and friends are the things that make me the happiest,” Hill said. Sometime she posts about herself and sometimes she posts about her friends and family. She just posts about whatever made her the most happy that day.

“Overtime it has made me more positive,” Hill said. The Happy Days account has changed Hill’s perspective towards life. When Hill first made the account she was going through a tough time in her life. She made the account to focus on the positive things in life to help her through the tough times.


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