Rising Star

“The voice” finalist, Kyla Jade, performs alma mater with SHHS Choraliers

Tia Munoz

Kyla Jade has been a popular name in many households for the past several months. An alumni from Shawnee Heights with an amazing voice, Jade made her claim to fame when she appeared on season 14 of NBC’s “The Voice.”

Not only did she get the opportunity to work with stars such as Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys, Jade also took home with an impressive third place finish. After all of this, she made her way back home for a benefit concert.

“We thought it would be a really fun idea to see if we could get her to come back and sing here at the high school,”  Mr. Robert Doole, the vocal music teacher, said.

Mr. Doole has kept close contact with Jade and her family since she graduated in 2002 and supported her throughout her run on “The Voice”.  

Mr. Doole’s purpose for having Jade come back was to show the connection from where she was at one point to where she is now. He wanted his students to realize that with hard work and determination, it is possible for them to make it to the higher level, just like Jade did.

His students even got the opportunity to perform two songs with Jade. Many other high schools in the Topeka area purchased tickets to come watch, and those who bought the VIP tickets had the chance to meet and talk with Jade personally.

The concert took place on September 29th, and the school did all it could to get the word out. All proceeds from the concert went toward the choir and drama department, to purchase necessities. This benefit concert was special to Mr. Doole because it connects with his students and the curriculum he is teaching them.

“We use [the fundraised money] to pay for people to help us with costuming and pay for the special lighting fixtures that we need for the theater. It’s just having that little bit of extra money so that we don’t have to go through and beg and ask and plead with people,” Doole said.