Senior Drops Electronic Album on Apple Music


Laurel Padilla and Ethan Armbruster

Most students are constantly listening to music, almost never going 24 hours without it. However, rather than listening to the traditional playlist of a normal high school student, consisting of anything from Ed Sheeran to Kendrick Lamar, senior Orion Martin created music for the public.  

Martin discovered his passion growing up in a small town, just south of Phoenix, when he did not have the same interests as the people around him. There wasn’t a lot for Martin to do, which lead to him discovering the app Garageband on his school iPad. Pulling interest from movie soundtracks, he didn’t hesitate to start creating his own music.

After attending Shawnee Heights his freshman year, Martin moved to Arizona with his family in 2017. The long distance move affected his music.

“From changing place to place, the mood changes so it’s hard to adapt and adjust to songs you’ve been working on,” Martin said. “I just had to go through the process of getting a job and getting the money to be available to come down here.”

Fast forward and Martin is back at Shawnee Heights for his senior year. Martin is staying with his friend, senior Sophie Brazington. The environment in Kansas is a lot more of positive and happier place he mentions.

This is not Martin’s first production. He has previously worked on his two other albums which have been mostly instrumental. In the past, he has produced all his music and has had no special guests. This album will not only have features, it will also include him singing.

“I just kind of go off from each and I look back at what I’ve done and see how I can improve that,” Martin said.

Martin is looking to release his third album in mid-December. This album will consist of about 20 songs, each around three minutes in length. As his career progresses, he has become more successful with each album. By his second album,he had an investor.

“It’s an outlet I started as a kid wanting to do soundtracks for movies and now I’m producing the little tunes I get in my head,” Martin said.

Although he started on GarageBand, he now has a small studio he can work with. For him it’s the hook that comes to his head first, then the beat and lyrics follow.

“I currently have a keyboard, GarageBand on my Mac, GarageBand on my phone where I can plug the keyboard into and where I do most of the music,” Martin said.

He also uses the Lawrence Public Library’s free recording studio and Mr. Robert Doole’s room for other advanced equipment.