Student Artists Use SoundCloud to Gain Audience

Toby Moss and Isaiah Wilson

Starting a music career is difficult because it’s hard to get your music in front of a big group of people, but the invention of SoundCloud gives beginning artists access to listeners all over the world. Three students are using the digital tool to try and break into the world of rapping.

Junior Tavion Hawks, who goes by Tavi Hawks on SoundCloud, has eight songs currently available for listeners.

“I’m just doing it for fun, I’m not looking to make money out of it,” Hawks said.

Hawks’ lyrics are about anything that pops into his head, from fighting to chilling with his friends and being real. His friend, Nik Martin, finds a good beat online from one of their favorite rap songs, then he writes and adds in his own lyrics, and finally, they upload it to SoundCloud and hope people listen and like their music.

Typically, Hawks gets around 700 views per song. However, one song that Hawks is featured in blew up with 2,770 views alone. The song is titled “The Race Remix” by Nike (ft T-Hawks).

Even though Hawks isn’t looking for a career out of this, other students in the school are.

Junior Ajayla Bayless would like to turn her dream of being a singer into reality, and for her, it all starts with SoundCloud. She put her talents on SoundCloud because it was the easiest platform to get on.

“I want to use my talents to connect with other people and to make my career blast off,” Bayless said. “I write about my emotions that I feel. Like, you know love is the main one because that’s just something that other people can vibe with.”

Bayless who goes by “Ajayla” on SoundCloud, currently has three songs available for viewers to listen to. Bayless, who is newer to SoundCloud is still building a consistent audience.  

Another student at Shawnee Heights who has a SoundCloud is Xavius Humphries. He started his career when he was 13 years old.

“My dad did music and I was interested,” said Humphries.

He currently has 13 songs with multiple that are unreleased. He says his SoundCloud isn’t that important to him and he just does it for the fun.