Music Reviews

Kiana Glenn

East Atlanta Love Letter-

6lack released his first full album since Free 6lack in 2016, East Atlanta Love Letter. Which features Future, J.Cole, Khalid, and Offset. The album includes 14 tracks. Throughout the album, there are voice recordings from one women that gives the album a story line. The songs include a slow but thick beat with many different varieties for every setting.


Ella Mai-

Released October 12, 2018. British artist, Elle Mai,  has become iconic in America with her recent rising fame, credited to her 2017 track Boo’d Up, which became number 8 on the Hot 100 Charts this year. Her new album, titled Ella Mai has 16 tracks, 13 brand new and three from previous albums. She features other R&B artists like Chris Brown, John Legend, and H.E.R. The songs have a smooth, electric, and catchy R&B vibe to them which refreshingly brings back the classic Ella Mai. The general message in these songs are a strong, independent female who is looking for a beautiful love, but will never trip over a man who isn’t worth it.



Released August 7, 2018. Ariana Grande rose to fame her teenage years by acting on Nickelodeon shows, brings us her fourth- and her proudest- album with 15 songs, 13 brand new, and two which released as singles previously. These tracks have a common theme of a head-over-heels type of love, made tribute to her ex-fiancé who earned a song title of his own, Pete Davidson. She features artists Pharrell Williams, Missy Elliot, and Nicki Minaj- who she had recently collaborated on two other songs with. Grande, never failing to amaze us with her astounding vocals and bittersweet melodies, remains a female pop icon.