Love Doctors

Isaiah Wilson & Ethan Armbruster

  Sometimes it can feel like all these dark, cold winter days just couldn’t last longer. Life can just feel yucky with all the weather and things being slow in the first month of the year. As we roll into February, there are some things to look forward to. One to mention is love. The is the month where couples grow stronger, singles become a pair, and love is in the air.

     Some people choose to celebrate and go all out during this period. Whether it’s a day filled with dinner, a movie and other romantic ideas it can be made special. Others choose to be more laid back and do smaller things like maybe just watch a movie or flowers. For some, however; they believe this is just a normal day and shouldn’t be treated any different. When it comes to

     “I like valentines day, it just can be overdone…,like going to take pictures at the museum of good vibes,” junior, Bronze Constantino said.

     Constantino believes valentines day brings couples closer while celebrating the holiday. Constantino and his girlfriend, Lauren Fleischer are coming up on their one year anniversary.

     “I always get a heart pizza, literally every valentines day,” senior Lauren Fleischer said.

     Fleischer doesn’t believe every couple has to celebrate valentine’s day, she believes it really is just up to the couple.

     “When they bring the giant bears to school, I just thinks it is so weird,” Fleischer said. “When they post super long flipagrams they are just really extra,”

    Whether or not you’re single and ready to mingle or taken with your bacon, prepare for the 14th because it’s coming up.