Corona Crafts

Ways to fight off boredom while in quarantine


Maddie Rice and Haley Haltom

With the stay at home order in place, many people may be finding themselves restless. It is also difficult at times to find things to occupy you and keep you busy. If you are stir crazy, stressed, or bored here is a list of crafts to do at home! You can look up YouTube videos on how to do any of these crafts or projects which could most likely be done with objects you already have in your home


  • Chalk Art ( Items needed – chalk and your imagination!! )
  • Painting (  Items needed – canvas or paper, paint, brushes ) 
  • Origami ( Items needed – origami paper or any paper cut into a square )
  • Make Slime ( Items needed – bowl and spoon, glue, activator ) 
  • Create Food Art ( Items needed – this is totally up to you! Be creative!! )
  • Take creative and unique photos ( Step out of your comfort zone for this one! Try something fun and new)
  • Create videos/vlogs of your daily quarantine life ( These videos could be anything you want and can easily be edited together in IMovie, Adobe Rush, etc. )
  • Take an old piece of furniture and turn it into something new ( You could go to Pinterest or YouTube to get fun design ideas for these! )
  • Make a scrapbook of some fun memories or make a photo wall in your room ( Print off some of your favorite photos, you could use Shutterfly or Snapfish to print your photos for free all you pay is shipping )