New Year’s Resolutions

Whether it is anything from becoming healthier or having better grades, there’s more to resolutions than just stating them on January 1st, you must actually stick to them.

Brook Newberry, Reporter

As the new year rang in, just as every other year millions of people made their New Year’s resolutions; however, there is no denying the fact that more often than not many struggle with actually sticking to them. Though this process takes time and energy, in the long run, you will thank yourself for carrying out your resolution. 

The first couple weeks you will more likely than not feel great, you’re super motivated and killing this new year new me thing; but, don’t forget that you are supposed to make this new goal last all year. 

First, you must create new habits, by completing your resolutions regularly it won’t feel as right to stop. 

Next, make sure you have support. Let others know about what you wish to accomplish this year, that way you have people to cheer you on as you go and hold you accountable if you slip up. Make a commitment to these people and more importantly yourself as well. Harvard’s Medical School suggests that you begin the year with one large goal, be sure to dream big. However, make sure you can break this up and set tiny, achievable goals for yourself along the way. 

Finally, give thanks to yourself and what you are doing. Some days will be harder than others; yet, you cannot let the fact that though the progress you are making may not be as big as you would like it to be, it is still progress and that is the most important part.