Junior Track Star Overcomes Tragedies

Rachel Etzel

The past year has come with many ups and downs for junior Mikey Hoffer. After placing third at the 2015 State Championship Hoffer was determined to come back even better and stronger than the previous year. This is exactly what he did by putting in hours of hard work into his training he won his first state championship with a jump of 6’4”. Another high point in Hoffer’s year was winning the national championship for high jump at the AAU Junior Olympics with a personal-best jump of 6-foot-103/4 inches.

Just days after becoming the high jump champion, he lost club track coach Lance Lenard in a devastating car crash. Lenard was a role model for Hoffer and always pushed him to keep improving and really got his confidence up.

“He showed me what success I could have and he showed me my talent.” Hoffer said in an interview with Rick Peterson.

This year was a very emotional year, just a few months ago Hoffer lost his mom to a year long fight with cervical cancer. Hoffer was a primary caretaker for his mom and was with her every step of the way during her battle. He has been very saddened by her loss but he knows she would want him to stay strong and continue making her proud. These two important people in his life have motivated him to keep moving on and to achieve the goals he has set for himself.

“I can be worried at times but when I am I put my worries in God’s hands.” Hoffer said.

Hoffer is looking forward to this track season and all that it has to bring. Hoffer will be competing in four events: high jump, long jump, triple jump, and 4×4 relay. The first meet took place on March 31, in Junction City. He jumped 6’8″ at this meet which is a big accomplishment considering this is only the start of the season. Although, he took first in high jump he is determined to keep working at his other events. This year the team will be competing in seven to eight meets which doesn’t include regionals or state. He trains one to two hours everyday to prepare for the meets so that he can reach his goals.

Not only is Hoffer a track star but he also participates in football and basketball. At the beginning of the basketball season he fractured his ankle during practice while attempting to block a shot. This was a setback for Hoffer especially it being at the start of the season and so close to track season. Hoffer missed out on the majority of the basketball season and came back for the Hayden game at home which took place February 14. During his recovery time he had a month of therapy and through this time continued to work out his ankle and make it stronger.

“I don’t believe that my injury will affect this track season and I will be healthy and even more ready to go.” Hoffer said.