Teachers Side Jobs

Valeri Dodds

Contrary to popular belief, teachers do more than most students would think. Many have other jobs outside of teaching. Being parents, beauty consultants, and even business owners are just a few examples of the many things that some of our very own teachers here at the high school do.

Head of the Science Department, Mrs. Stacie Borjon, owns a home decor store called The Red Door. Located on 21st St. and Fairlawn, just outside of the Fairlawn Plaza Mall.

Mrs. Borjon and her husband have owned the store for a little over a year now. You can buy furniture, art pieces, lamps, and other “finishing touches” Mrs. Borjon said.

“We have some rental properties and they all have red doors, so that

was just a random name that we came up with and it’s just kind of fun to have,” Mrs. Borjon said. Right now, The Red Door is very busy as the holiday season approaches.

“It is definitely a seasonal store” Borjon said.

Mrs. Donna Deever also has a job outside of school. She is a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and is also the Mary Kay Independent Sales Director for the nation. To reach this status you must be in the top two percent of the company. To get there you must earn certain qualifications and have your own Mary Kay team.

Mrs. Deever has been selling Mary Kay products for 20 years and has been the Sales

Director for seven years. She sells to family, friends, and even the Shawnee Heights cheer team. She holds skincare classes or parties where customers can

“try before [they] buy,” Mrs. Deever said.

Mary Kay has a large legal department which sets very strict guidelines as to what

consultants can and can’t do. Consultants can’t have their own stores or touch customers at classes or parties, however they can have tables set up at bazaars or fairs. Consultants have just now been allowed to let customers try samples such as hand creams which they have not been able to do in the past.

Mrs. Deever has her own Facebook page where customers can access her website that

Mary Kay created for her. Customers can then buy products online without having to go directly through her or a party.

“We (consultants) get 50 percent profit on everything we sell. That’s the highest profit

level any home-based business in the nation. You will rarely find anything over 50 percent,” Mrs. Deever said.

Mary Kay sells fragrance, skincare, suncare, and glamour products along with other

lines. Several of their products have the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

“There’s more to this business than just selling. The money is good but it’s what we

call ‘a paycheck of the heart’. Nothing is better than to sit down with a woman or a teenager who’s not feeling good about themselves and help them,” Mrs. Deever said. “Especially teens and young adults who have trouble with their skin and helping them find a solution through one of our skincare lines and having them go out feeling better. If they look better they feel better and they see the world differently,”