Fishing Phenoms

Josh Ybarra and Ethan Armbruster

Fishing is something many do to relax, enjoy nature, or escape reality Juniors Parker Still and Connor Brees have taken fishing to a whole new level with their competitive nature. Still and Brees have competed in multiple tournaments, winning and placing in a variety of those.

“I’ve seen pictures of me with a pole in my hands when I was two,” Brees said.

The pair have been fishing together for the past four years.

“I love being in the outdoors and I love being competitive. It’s also nice just to go out on your boat and just relax and catch fish,” Still said.
Getting good at fishing may seem difficult; however, when you’re experienced you have more knowledge to pull from.

“To get good at fishing you need to have a rod and a reel of some sort. You need some lures, for example a Senko, Ned Rig, or a Crankbait. And you need a place to fish. All you do is just keep casting and grinding,” Still said.

Still and Brees think you should practice in all different types of water, weather and temperature and learn how the fish will react in those different environments.

The competitions Still and Brees fish in are organized like ladder tournaments. In these competitions you are matched against the same quality of fishers. Similar to a ladder, you move up in the ranks the more you win. To start off the tournament, you get a number and wait for the tournament host to call you to take your boat out to your position and start. They fished for about eight hours and at the end they would take their best five fish and weigh them in. The duo likes to go down a night early to the location of the tournament. This way, they are able to see where the fish are at and what bait they like.

Still and Brees have been competitively fishing for more than 2 years now. The two have won multiple crappie tournaments, winning a variety of prizes such as money, trophies and plaques. Along with this, they took second in their first bass tournament at the Kansas State High School Championship. The duo had caught an eight pound walleye, which was the biggest fish they’ve caught together.

As the teams have more success and publicity has raised, sponsors will come along and pair up with them. The sponsors give them money for traveling and fishing. This year they got money to pay for their fishing jerseys. Some sponsors give them bait, jigs, and lures to make fishing easier for them. Still and Brees have two sponsors; Rockwell Security and Bass Tech Baits. The duo promotes those companies while they’re fishing .