Makeup Tips for Beginners

Makeup Tips for Beginners

Rebecca Donaldson

From a young age, junior Maddie Lamond has been fascinated with makeup. Last year she developed this fascination into a creative makeup Instagram account.

Lamond went from playing with her mom’s makeup as a kid to turning in into a small Instagram business.   

“I learned through Youtube, specifically NikkieTutorials, she was the first person I ever started watching. She taught me like everything I know how to do,” Lamond said.

Last year, Lamond did the costume makeup and hair for the school’s play, The Marriage of Bette and Boo.

“It’s pretty different, you have to do a bunch of facial feature stuff and you use more mauve colors,” Lamond said.

MAC cosmetics reached out to Lamond for a photoshoot last year. One of their stylists did her hair and makeup and took her photos.

Lamond has also done hair and makeup for prom and formal. She learned to braid from her grandma and used that skill to copy hairstyles from Pinterest.  

Although Lamond is unsure of her future plans, cosmetology is one of her choices. If she chooses that, she plans to attend an esthetician school in Kansas City. Her other interest is Dermatology.

“Watch Youtube videos. Nikkie is good, I like Jeffree Star and Mmmmitchell on Instagram. He teaches more one-on-one things,” Lamond said on account of beginners advice.

Lamond charges $10 for a full face if you come to her and $15 if she drives to you. Lamond estimates a full face actually costs her about $50.

DM her account on Instagram if you are interested in her doing your hair and makeup @maddievmua.


Tips for Beginners:

Always wet your beauty blender

When applying lashes, start with inner corner

To cover acne, use green correcting concealer and full coverage foundation