Pilot Reid Holthaus

Maddie Rice and Hunter Wohler

While most students see the world from ground level, junior Reid Holthaus sees it from around 14,000 feet above. Becoming a pilot is something Holthaus has wanted to do for as long as he can remember.

     “Ever since I was a kid, I always watched the planes fly over,” Holthaus said.

     Becoming a pilot is something that soars through Holthaus blood.

       “A lot of my cousins are pilots and they do crop dusting and stuff so I kind of got into that,” Holthaus said.

      The steps leading to becoming a pilot is not an easy process.  Just to get to where he is today, Holthaus has had to fly several hours to work toward his pilot license.

       “It depends what you want to certify in. A private pilot license takes about four years to get because you have to get a certain amount of hours,” Holthaus said.

       To fly a Cessna 172, which is the plane Holthaus flies, you need a minimum of 40 hours flight time to earn your pilot’s licenses according to the Federal Aviation Administration. If Holthaus chooses to move forward after earning his private pilot license, he can then expect to have to fly another 1,500 hours to get his commercial license.

        “Flying a plane is more of a hobby right now but later on in the future it could be a job for me,” Holthaus said.

        Flying has been put on hold for the time being due to a busy schedule, but Holthaus is hoping to get back into the air after football season is over.