Bryce Liedtke Lending a hand

Ehllee Buckholtz & Emily Metzger

Junior Bryce Liedtke, continues to be involved and help Topeka by coming together with biology teacher Sharon Wilson to create a name for the Care Closet.

The Care Closet is open on Saturdays from 8 to 10 AM, it is accessible to anyone who needs any food or toiletries.

“Recently, we have had a lot of snack packs for students that are hungry and don’t have the resources to get enough food,” Liedtke said.

Lending a helping hand is their main priority, but their supplies are not endless. They have applied for a grant to help fund their program for more products.

“It would provide us with kind of like a cushion, just in case we don’t get enough supplies from food drives,” Liedtke said.

The grant is expected to come in this February. Until then, their attention is drawn to the students who need an extra boost for their school day.

“Research has shown that students that are hungry do not do well on tests, can’t focus in school, and it leads to academic decline. So, by providing snack packs for students, that will help them advance their academics,” Liedtke said.

Not only is this for the students, but the whole Shawnee Heights community. This act has gotten Liedtke recognized, he was nominated by three people to join the Leadership Greater Topeka. Leadership Greater Topeka is a program that helps combat  issues in Topeka and Shawnee County.

“They take leaders throughout the community, usually adults, not very many youth are selected. But they take people that are in the Topeka community and they build them as leaders, they try to get them excited about what is going on in Topeka, and then also educate them so that they can go out and make the Topeka community a better place,” Liedtke said.

Liedtke continues to make big strides toward a big future. Not only has he taken part in the community, but he plans on taking a roll of helping others and possibly becoming a doctor. He loves working with people, and will do anything to help someone in need.