The Creators of Shawnee Heights

Alex and Tia


What started as an assignment turned into much more for seniors Blake Hollingsworth and Carter Wilch, the makers of the documentary The Creators of Shawnee Heights. The video explores different students and teachers at Heights, and talks about the importance of creativity. With over 700 views and counting, the video has gained popularity at the high school.

The two boys were part of the Video Production class, and their final assignment was to make a documentary.

“We had the idea to be able to support the school, and highlight artists at the school that people might not really know of,” Wilch said.

The motivation behind it was to highlight the importance of creativity in high school students, and how much of an impact it can have on people’s development. The clips show interviews with teachers from the school such as Mr. Stephen Loy, AP Studio teacher, and Mr. Robert Doole, the Explorations in Music teacher. The documentary shows them talking about how they see their students putting their creativity and passion into their work.

“It starts with an idea or a description of whatever you’re doing, and then you have to write a script or screenplay for it, then you storyboard it out like drawing each scene of what it’s gonna look like visually, shoot it, get all your takes, then just edit it,” Wilch said.

The film featured students including Santana Holbert, Bronze Constantino, Anna Pawar, and Orion Martin. They explained their love for what they do, from painting to music making, and how many of them feel that their talent is a way to express themselves.

Making the documentary was a challenging process, and it took Wilch and Hollingsworth a lot of time and effort. They explained the process that they went through to create the video.

“We stayed after school for like three days until 6 p.m. just working on editing,” Hollingsworth said.

Wilch did the majority of the filming, while Hollingsworth did the editing. For Wilch, this is just the start of what he hopes is a career.

“I plan on going to KU and majoring in Film and then after that, I really want to work on movies and either be a photographer or director,” Wilch said.

On top of filmmaking, he is invested in photography, where he shoots on film, something that is uncommon. Wilch has also won awards for his photographs, including two Gold Key Awards. If the video is any indication of the two boys’ talent, then they can look forward to a very promising future.