Piano Players

Rebecca Donaldson , Copy Editor

Performing their pieces once annually, four students competed at the Regional Piano contest in Baldwin in attempt to qualify for the State Piano contest. In order to qualify for state, performers must receive a one at regionals.

Freshman Cesar Giron, junior Ally Giron, and seniors Nicole Bloomquist and Ben Kile performed at regionals on Feb. 2 at Baker University. Cesar Giron and Bloomquist played for the first time at regionals.

“I’ve memorized a ton but the only one I can still remember is called ‘Rondo Alla Turca’ by Mozart, and that’s the one I’m playing (at regionals),” Bloomquist said.

On Feb. 16, Cesar Giron, Ally Giron, and Kile performed their pieces for State Piano at Wichita State University. Ally Giron and Kile both received ones and Cesar Giron received a two. Bloomquist was unable to perform due to a cold.

“They are both (regionals and state) kind of intimidating because it’s just you on the stage in front of a judge,” Ally Giron said.

This year was Ally Giron’s third year competing at regionals. She has been playing the piano since third grade.

“I really hate (playing) sometimes but, my favorite part is when I get really in to a certain song I’m playing and see how much progress I have made with it since playing,” Ally Giron said.

As well as competing in regionals and state annually, Bloomquist has been performing at Guild auditions since fourth grade. Once a year, she memorizes and plays in front of judges for the National Piano Guild of America. Bloomquist is preparing for her audition at the end of April.