Mr. Nicks Says Goodbye After 20 Years

Mr. Nicks accepts opportunity at Abilene High School.


Cesar Giron, Reporter

Mr. Bradley Nicks is a math teacher here at the high school, who after this year (his 20th year), will be leaving to go teach at Abilene Highschool. 

“This move is really about my family. My wife and I have always wanted to raise our kids in a smaller community. We felt this offer was too good to pass up,” Mr. Nicks said. 

He will become the strength and conditioning coordinator as well as the head football and head track coach. Abilene High School is a 4A school with about 425-450 students, so about 700 fewer students than Shawnee Heights. 

“I think it will be a huge difference, I love the idea of being able to personally know every kid that walks the hallways each day,” Mr. Nicks said. 

Teaching at Shawnee Heights for 20 years has its advantages when it comes to the bonds and relationships that you get as a teacher. Mr. Nicks’ top three favorite things about Shawnee Heights are the Friday night football, watching the entire track team cheering on the 4×400 meter relay, and the people.

“I love walking in every day and saying good morning to every student and teacher that I meet in the hallways. It’s a great way to jumpstart my day, and helps me refocus on why I love teaching,” Mr. Nicks said. 

Since Mr. Nicks is a coach in the football program and is also the head track coach, the school will have to find replacements for both of his positions, however, as of right now, the people who will replace those positions are not yet known. Another part of this moving to a new school process for Mr. Nicks is that he will no longer be teaching math after teaching it for 20 years. 

“I think it will be weird not teaching math, but I am ready for the change and excited for something new. I will miss teaching math next year, but this will challenge me,” Mr. Nicks said.