The Gardenhire Family

Deja and Davion Gardenhire are not the only talented athlete’s in their family.


Brook Newberry and Haven Blosser

A family born with superpowers, or in simple terms, crazy athletic abilities and constant motivation. Two things that don’t come easy together. The Gardenhire family excels within their household, sports, and everything in between. 

“Everything in our house is a competition. Whether we realize it or not,” Deja and Davion Gardenhire’s mother, Junno, said. “Every year we have an end of the year tournament with various prizes.” 

With a twenty-two year old track coach, a senior track star, a sophomore softball player, and two bodybuilder parents, determination is key in this family. With playing sports their whole life and never having stopped being active, Junno continues to push her kids the same way she pushes herself. 

“I would like to think the kids see us as motivation. Like you’re never too old to set goals and do the thing you want to do,” Junno Gardenhire said.

Not only does Junno motivate them in these two ways, the Gardenhire parents also heavily influenced the kids sports choices. 

“My mom played softball, and I play softball. My dad played football and ran track. So we kind of followed in their footsteps,” Deja Gardenhire said. 

With spring approaching comes the kids sports seasons as well. Deja and Davion are always trying to set themselves new goals that are higher than the last. Last year Deja pitched at fifty-five mph and by the end of the summer, she is aiming for sixty. Deja pushes herself by working on new drills with her coaches, and going to the gym with her parents who like to go just as hard as her. For Junno, the motivation for continuing to work hard is powered by what she is inspired by.

“Besides my husband and children. I’m inspired by all the female bodybuilders who just go for it without fear or caring if others judge them,” Junno Gardenhire said. “I’m also inspired because people tell me I inspire them. Which is weird to me because I never saw myself as inspiring but it feels good to help the next person and that keeps me going as well.” 

If Junno had to give one piece of advice to people who are trying to stay fit, it would be to not worry about how you look to others. You have to want to do it for yourself.