Staying Safe and Busy In Hard Times

Shawnee Heights students Tyler Loy and Taylor Black explain how they are keeping busy during quarantine.

Staying Safe and Busy In Hard Times

Isaiah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

The coronavirus has practically changed all American lifestyles. Schools have been shut down for the remainder of the year. All major league sports have been postponed and school sports in the spring have been canceled at both the high school and collegiate level. All non-essential jobs and businesses have been shut down. With all the bad that comes from the coronavirus it has actually brought some positives as well. Gas prices and crime rates are both down. Two students at Shawnee Heights have even got time to work on their beloved hobbies. 

Senior Tyler Loy has been trying to view quarantine in a positive light. 

“I am looking at it as a way to hang out with my family more and kick their butts in monopoly,” Loy said. 

Loy has gotten some time to work on his 2012 Jeep Wrangler. 

“I have used my time to put bigger tires on it with new rims. I then painted the front grill black. Finally, I restored the frame because it was starting to show signs of rust,” Loy said. 

Even though quarantine has not been a blast for Loy either. 

“The main con for me is when I need something; all the stores are closed so I can not go get it,” Loy said. 

Taylor Black is a junior at Shawnee Heights and is spending her time outdoors. 

“I have been riding my bike a lot and going on walks when it’s nice outside,” Black said. 

Black is trying to be outside as much as possible because she gets stressed out being in the same place for too long. 

“I have also really been trying to tan a lot. Get a head start before summer is here,” Black said. 

As quarantine can be rough at times, it is a great opportunity to start new hobbies. A list of ideas of activities to try will be listed below.

  • Biking 
  • Running/walking
  • Reading books
  • Learning to cook
  • Learning how to play a musical instrument 
  • Video gaming 
  • Starting a YouTube channel 
  • Trying a new sport 
  • Working out