Student With Divorced Parents Face Tough Decisions

Two students with divorced parents discuss their decision on whether or not it’s safe to go back and forth between houses.

Student With Divorced Parents Face Tough Decisions

Abbey Manzanares, Staff Member

Abbey Manzanares

Children with divorced parents are struggling all over the world with whether or not it is safe to go to both houses.

Half of the children in the United States have parents who are divorced. Many of them have a set schedule on whose house they go to and on what days. With circumstances like COVID-19, these can certainly be changed. Some kids have decided that it is unsafe to go back and forth.

Staying At One House

“(I stay at my moms) because my father is still out working and I wanted to stay safe,” junior Sara Eggenberger said. “My mom is still working from home and I’m much more quarantined staying here.”

She made the decision on her own because she felt it was the smart thing to do. Her biggest struggle with staying at her mom’s house is that her cows are at her dads. She can’t see her animals and make sure they are taken care of and loved. She is also worried that her relationship with her father is going to be strained.

“I know this will impact my relationship with my father because my sister is staying with him and I think it will further divide us,” Eggenberger said.

Going Back and Forth

Another student who is going through this decision is junior Manuel Salamanca. He continues to go back and forth from each parents’ house. He feels comfortable with his decision because of the precautions they are taking.

“I wouldn’t say I’m super worried just yet because I feel like they have both been smart and aware of where they are and how to keep distance between people,” Salamanca said. “Both of them have been wearing masks in public as well.”

Both of his parents are essential workers as his father is a police officer and his mom works at Blue Cross Blue Shield. His step-mom and step-father are also essential workers as she is a nurse at Stormont Vail and he works at the Shawnee County jail. His parents have had numerous conversations with him about staying healthy and inside. If necessary they will also decide whose house he will stay at until it’s safe to go back and forth again.

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“I think at a certain point I’m not sure it will be safe anymore and it is getting worse now in Kansas, but I’m hoping it won’t get to that point,”

— Manuel Salamanca

“I plan on doing it until it does get impractical.”