New LED Signs Showcase Happenings at SHHS


Ryan Berry

New LED signs in front of the school.

Logan Bissell

Among new renovations, one of the most talked about are the new LED signs out in front of Shawnee Heights, placed there over the summer. There has been a lot of discussion about what the plans are for these LED signs, and why they were put there to begin with.
The intention of the signs was to bring Shawnee Heights into a more modernized look, according to Dr. Martin Stessman, superintendent of USD 450.
“Before the addition of the signs, Shawnee Heights looked very 1972,” Dr. Stessman said. “The hope is that the signs will bring us into 2015, as with all the other renovations.”
The plan for the signs is to broadcast all the activities and opportunities that Shawnee Heights offers to its students, parents, and community, such as sports events, meetings, and activities open to the public.
“I think it will give people an opportunity to see the breath of the activities we offer at Shawnee Heights,” said Mr. Ed West, new principal of SHHS, when asked if the signs would give value to the school.
Some students feel like the signs could be a great addition to the school, while others think it was a waste. However, many parents believe the signs will be beneficial to keep them informed on what is happening at the school, as well as keep them involved with their students activities.
When construction is 100% complete, access to change sign content will be handed over to the school.