Shawnee Heights Gains 16 New Staff Members

Rebecca Donaldson

This year the school introduced a total of 15 new teachers to the district. Normally, Shawnee Heights has five to eight new teachers a year. Last year, two teachers retired, three moved for sports related reasons, one left to become a part of administration, and several others left to be closer to their home or families.

For most of the new teachers, it is not their first year teaching. For Russell Hampton it is his first time teaching his own class but you may recognize his name. Last year, Hampton was a long term sub for Danielle Falor.

“I enjoyed being out here and the students and staff were welcoming and fun to be around and work with,” Hampton said. Many of the new teachers’ reasons for joining the staff was due to the welcoming feeling they felt from staff and students. They feel a connection to the school when they can come in without trying to adjust to a new layout, schedule, and new faces.

“The students I get to work with and build relationships with. I also feel the staff at Shawnee Heights has been so friendly and helpful. I look forward to coming each day,” Corey Hinton said.