Rebecca Donaldson, Staff

Forensics is a class and extracurricular activity that students are able to express themselves in public speech, reading, acting, and interpretation events.

In order to qualify for state, you must place first or second in an event. Five students have already qualified for state, Emari Clark (12), Stewart Luckman (10), Josh Goble (11), Ryan Peacocke (12), and Morgan Boyer (10).

“I was shocked. In all honesty I was unprepared and I thought it showed in my performance”, Boyer said. Boyer was surprised to find out she qualified for state for the first time.

Forensics can sharpen students’ abilities to analyze problems, think and listen critically, express their thoughts clearly and fluently, better understand public affairs, and teach them many life lessons.

“Forensics has taught me to be confident in my speech and the way I talk,”  freshman Makaila Astle said.

Clark placed first in JV dramatic interpretation and Luckman placed first in JV domestic extemporaneous. Goble placed second in dramatic interpretation, Peacocke placed first in domestic extemporaneous, and Boyer placed second in prose. Along with the five students that qualified to state, the Shawnee Heights forensics squad also broke 19 entries to finals.

“We’re off to a good start and it has the potential to be a great season,” Boyer said.