Homecoming 2017

Logan Bissell, writer

Possibly one of the most hyped up games in the last three years; Shawnee Heights takes on Topeka High at their home stadium. As the T-Birds pour onto the field, the student section explodes. The long awaited night has finally begun. With our newly crowned Homecoming royalty, Lucy Hill and Mikey Hoffer, the game starts to get heated as T-High makes their first touchdown.

Despite being 0-21 at halftime, the sea of Red, White, and Blue have no problem keeping up morale.

“I have confidence in my guys, always,” Senior Tyler White said.

Shirtless spirit squad takes the wheel to keep the student section pumped up as the game resumes.

“It’s good, all the positive vibes,” Junior Kadhem Khedher said. Kadhem is a foreign exchange student experiencing his first high school homecoming. No matter the outcome, he was happy to be there.

It’s 35-0 with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, as a fight breaks out between the two teams. T-High player takes down Senior, Zach Cummings, down into an illegal tackle. Refs had to break up the fight as the two teams shoved and hit each other.

With the final score coming to be 14-48, Topeka High takes the W, but the T-Birds filled their student section with pride. They gave it all they could despite the injuries and arguments, and the students definitely couldn’t ask for a better team to cheer on. It was a great day to be a T-Bird.