Olivia Talbert, staff

As of this year, the ROTC program had to undergo a major change. After the resignation of Commander Rakestraw, the ROTC program is now commuting to Topeka High. Students load on a bus at the beginning of sixth hour, arrive at Topeka High, then return back to school before the school day ends everyday. This change has not only came with a revision of curriculum and class structure, but has also decreased class size to only a handful of students. The ROTC program has now been adopted into Topeka High’s marine corps branch from its navy roots.


     “I like the new program,” Junior, James Frye said. Frye has been in the Shawnee Heights ROTC program for 3 years. “I think the marine branch is a lot better than the navy, because it provides a more military environment.”


     “In the navy, the only real military environment was uniform day,” said Frye when talking about the old Navy program.


     “I like the navy more,” says  Matthew Trusty, a Shawnee Heights ROTC student.


     “The navy was more at home, easier to do, easier to get involved into.”


     Trusty, a senior, has been in the ROTC program for 4 years.


      “The commands, and basic military stuff I enjoyed a lot more.”


      “We took on about a 90% to 95% drop rate.” said Trusty when asked how the program has been affected by the change.


     “We lost about everybody, and have 8 members rather than the original 60 or 70.” said Trusty. This is understood to be due to Topeka High Schools limit of commuting students.


     Our ROTC students at Shawnee Heights have a lot of passion for the program. Perhaps this new revision to the ROTC program will provide building blocks for great things to come.