Schedule change

Andrea Lopez, staff

Lately, many changes have been introduced to students and staff. . These changes include 15 new teachers, a new drug testing policy, and a new schedule.

In previous years, there were four block days with third hour being every day excluding Mondays. Late start also was on Mondays instead of Wednesdays and there were 6 extra minutes for late start in past years.  Along with the new schedule includes the addition of “T-bird Time” every Wednesday.  The transition has come with many complaints and comments from the students and staff about more homework, passing period, T-bird time and the lack of lab time for science and art classes.

With around 49 minutes in class on non block days, the amount of time for labs is limited. Including the time it takes to setup and cleanup there is little time for science and art students to accomplish much in one class period.

“I like the schedule but in classes like art, projects take longer when there is only one block day a week,” Senior Bailey Hubbard said. The amount of time given in class during non block days make it hard for students to do labs and projects. Teachers have been learning to adjust their plans from last year.

“I’m considering not doing oil painting because of the amount of time we have in class,” Art Teacher, Beth Hanna said.  Instead of finishing a project in one class period it could take two or three. Passing period has been brought up by many students and staff. The eight minute passing period from last year has been cut down to six, making it difficult to get from the south wing to the north wing and leaving no time for a restroom break. With the shortage in time comes the prediction of more tardies. T-bird time has also been a part of many conversations regarding the changes in the schedule. Some students think either not everyone uses it as they