Communication Specialist

New communication specialist takes over official district social media accounts

Rebecca Donaldson

Following the resignation of a central office staff member, Shawnee Heights hired Tiffanie Kinsch as a communication specialist. From the money saved not filling this position, we were able to create this new job.

Kinsch will be taking over the website and all official district social media accounts. She is in charge of organizing, curating, and posting content.

“I am responsible for how we communicate with our audience; students, parents, and community members, through social media, print or media,” Kinsch said.

In order to make Shawnee Heights appealing to the eye, hiring a communication specialist was the solution.

“As you know, last year we redesigned the district website. During that redesign, we developed new logos for the district and schools in order to look like a progressive twenty-first century school district,” Superintendent, Dr. Martin Stessman said.

The decision for hiring a specialist was needed after the realization of outdated or inaccurate information on the school website. Our school’s online presence was old and unprofessional looking.

“We’ve needed a communication specialist but due to previous budget constraints, we were not able to hire one until the recent resignation and restructuring,” Stessman said.

Kinsch will be attending district events and telling the community about the event through stories and pictures on the website or on social media.

“I will be launching a district Facebook page, Twitter, and possibly other social media accounts,” Kinsch said.

To help stay connected with the community, Kinsch will be introducing new forms of communication to the school while working from the central office.

“I have only been with the district for about three weeks but I have reviewed the current social media accounts and noted any suggestions for improvement,” Kinsch said.

Kinsch will issue any press releases, attend district events and post stories and photos on social media accounts and the website. Check out the new logos and newly redesigned website.