School Board Approves Testing

Rachel Etzel

Back in January the school board and administrators were debating on if a drug testing policy should be put into place. Many meetings were scheduled to talk about this new policy and the changes it would bring to the school. The board voted 4-3 against the policy in March.

          “I am pleased with the new policy. I believe our district will see the same benefits that other area districts have seen with their similar policies.” Board Member, Eric Deitcher said.

On June 5, “Consider Random Drug Testing Policy” was an Action item for the board meeting. The board discussed three options for drug testing at the meeting. Option A was to include only students that participate in KSHSAA sponsored activities. Option B was students that participate in KSHSAA activities and those that obtain a school parking pass. The final option C was students/parents “Opt-in” only. After careful consideration Option B passed the board  with a 5-2 vote.

There are a few changes that were made from the first policy that was proposed to the one that is in place now. The biggest difference between the two are the consequences the student receives if their test comes back positive. After your first positive, you can still participate in your KSHSAA activities unlike before. However, you have to complete and schedule an appointment with Prevention and Recovery Services.