School Uses Activity Fund To Pay For Drug Testing

Keenan Taylor

With the 17-18 year in full swing and the first round of drug tests coming out students may be curious about where the funding for Shawnee Heights’ newest policy is coming from.

“Our goal was not to use taxpayer dollars for the first year of testing,” Principal Ed West said, “that would be the case if we move on in the future as well.”

Some of the money comes from a contract the district has with Pepsi making them our exclusive provider of drinks for the vending machines and products sold at games, on top of that they give the district approximately 7,000 dollars that money is put into the activity which subsequently helps finance the tests.  

“The funds we’re talking about are more like gate receipts and those types of things,” West said.

Sports teams will see no change in funding either since the activity fund and the fees paid for sports at enrollment are separate from each other.

The cost of a test was 42 dollars (39 for the standard test plus 3 extra for D.Amphetamine screening)

“D.Amphetamines a drug which is used and abused in some common prescription medications,” West said “Adderall for example is one, not a problem for those who have a prescription but again it’s one of those that’s pretty abused.”

The school sends the student’s school ID number to the company and the company will pull random ID numbers and send them back to the school so that they can identify the students who are to be tested.

“It’s a pretty simple process and from what i’m understanding you’d have a better perspective on this,” West said “the intent of what we hoped for which wasn’t to catch students which was to prevent has been moderately successful.”