Students Receive Cords for Blood Donations

Olivia Talbert

Students 16 and over have the opportunity to donate blood to help the community and potentially save lives. Four seniors who generously donated more than one gallon of blood will be honored with a graduation cord to recognize this achievement.
Last year, this was achieved by only one student.
“I have always been super into science and anatomy and I wanted to know more about myself, specifically my blood type,” senior Brooke Petefish said.
Petefish is one of the students receiving the cord and has participated in the blood drive since she turned 16 her sophomore year. Ezekiel Hook, Macey McGuire and Tristan Kramar are the other donor students receiving them to wear at graduation.
“When I finally got to donate I loved the feeling of contributing to the community. Especially since I have O+ blood which can go to anyone except O-, but other people who are O+ can only receive O+. All of that meaning that it’s the second most valuable blood type behind O- because it can go to almost anyone. This little spark of curiosity has grown into a burning passion to give back to my community for the rest of my life,” Petefish said.