Spanish Competition

Tia Munoz

Students from the Spanish program had the opportunity to attend a Spanish Language Competition at Wichita State University on April 12. Spanish teacher, Senora Marcia Smith, first heard about the competition from a teacher at Wichita State.

“[It’s important for students to attend competitions] for several reasons. They can see what other kids can do and they can actually put themselves on the spot. It’s really hard to get up in front of people and speak in our own native language, so to do it in a foreign language is good for your confidence, for your learning, it’s just good all around,” Senora Smith said.

The competition was optional for students in lower level, I or II, spanish classes and required for credit for those in Spanish III and higher.

“It seemed fun and everybody else in the class was doing it so I figured I would just do it,” junior Elijas Watson said.

At the competition, students could compete in a number of different competitions, including skits, impromptu conversations, poetry, and a spelling bee.

“For about two or three weeks we would come in either during or before school, and during class we’d work on different things. I did spelling bee, so we would spell spanish words,” sophomore Manuel Salamanca said.

Senior Nicole Bloomquist placed first in poetry and sophomore Taryn Emery placed third in the spelling bee, and one of the two skits that were performed placed first.  

“It felt pretty cool to go and compete because we practiced a lot so it was cool to get to show how much we practiced,” Salamanca said. “It gave you an opportunity to prove what you can do.”