Late Night at the Cage

Heights’ first ‘Late Night’ excites community about upcoming basketball seasons


Kirk Hockman

Senior Drew Buchanan soars high and goes for the block on junior Isiah Johnson. They kicked off the night with scripted acts and singing. The boys basketball team scrimmaged for 20 minutes. and were split up into red and white teams. “This has led to a very positive culture with our basketball,” coach Ken Darting said.

Ethan Armbruster and Laurel Padilla

The first Late Night at the Cage in Shawnee Heights history took place last month on the 22nd. The night consisted of dances by each class, half court shots, and dunks by the players. 

“Coach Darting has had his teams in the past participate in a late night basketball event to kick off the season. When he brought it to the attention of the players and the heights hoops committee, they all loved the idea and jumped on board quickly to get it going,” girls coach Kim Brown said.  

This event was held to kick start the basketball season and get the students and parents hyped for the coming season. The excitement surrounding the basketball program continues to grow as the season gets closer and closer to the season. “The players are well aware that they need the support of their peers and the more screaming and shouting their friends do while in the stands the better they play,” Brown said. “They are truly the 6th man on the court when they are rooting for the team.”

The boys team went through a ten week running program. This helped get them in shape for the season but they also learned how to lean on each other in tough times. This ten week period intensely helped team bonding.  

“All the kids bought in and are very devoted to becoming the best they can be,” head boys coach Ken Darting said. “This has led to a very positive culture with our basketball.” 

The evening provided a space for players to try out new moves and tricks on the court without being coached. It’s an opportunity for the girls and boys to play without stress, and just for fun. It was an opportunity to get everyone excited and prepared for this upcoming season. 

“It was special because we wanted to give back all of the entertainment the fans have given us,” junior Ady Burghart said. “The juniors learned our dance 2 nights before the actually dance but it was still the best one.”