USD 450 Takes on COVID-19

Teachers and students take the opportunity to get vaccinated.


Haven Blosser, Reporter

  The teachers at Shawnee Heights all had the chance to get the COVID-19 vaccine; many of the teachers took this opportunity. Now the vaccine distribution is in the third and fourth phase, so some students are receiving the vaccine, as well. Some got it through their work, but many are signing up to get it at the local pharmacy or the Stormont Vail Event Center. 

Throughout the pandemic, COVID-19 has created differing opinions from person to person, likewise with the vaccine, but many of the teachers seemed to encourage others and their peers to get the vaccine. 

“I feel like getting as many people vaccinated when it is their turn and we have adequate supply is part of what we have to do for the world to be safer. I was grateful for the opportunity,” Shannon O’Connor, instructional coach, said.

Some students were also grateful for the opportunity to get the vaccine already. Although not many have gotten it, those who have also encourage their peers to try and get the vaccine. The lack of testing that has been done on those under the age of 18 may deter some, almost every student who had received the vaccine still believed this was the best decision for them. 

“Even if you have a reaction or a day of sickness, I still think it’s better than getting Covid and having symptoms for weeks,” Madisyn Landry, senior, said. 

Many of those vaccinated still believe in the vaccine after getting it, but for some people, the reaction after the vaccine was bad enough to change their opinion. The typical reaction is just fatigue or chills, but for others, it can be a lot more serious. 

“About 5 to 10 minutes after getting the actual shot, my chest started to tighten up and then I was not able to breathe- after about an hour working on me they had to call an ambulance,” Gaylene Myers, para, said.

Myers spent days in the hospital after this and even caught pneumonia from the hospital. Myers also struggles with asthma so this was a difficult and scary experience. 

“ I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with a lot of allergies or asthma, but if you are normally healthy, I would say go ahead and get it because it’ll just be like the flu shot you get yearly,” Myers said. 

Although this is a big decision for most and a step in the right direction, it is encouraged to do some research and make the best decision for themself. 

“ I would encourage anyone who is thinking about getting the vaccine or second-guessing it, to do their research and get vaccinated,” Shelton Byrnes, senior, said.