Point Counter Point Homecoming Candidates Should/Should Not Dress Up During Spirit Week

Kortney Michel

Point Recent twitter fights broke out over whether or not candidates should dress up for homecoming week. In my opinion, if they are up for homecoming they should participate in the activities such as dressing up. The candidates are up for the nomination because of their school spirit, so I think that they should participate in spirit week. Dressing up during spirit week is a tradition that our school has done for quite some time. I think it’s important that we carry it on because it represents our school in a positive way for our spirit.
Homecoming is supposed to be a fun week for everybody. Dressing up just makes it more fun and it shows school spirit. I think the candidates should dress up because it is their senior year and after high school you won’t get the opportunity to dress up during homecoming anymore.
Spirit week only comes around twice a year. What makes it enjoyable for students is that they get to do things that they wouldn’t normally do on a regular day. Dressing up lets you step out of your comfort zone and be creative with your friends. Going to school and seeing what everyone else is wearing is always interesting. Spirit week is a tradition that allows you show your school spirit in a fun way and it shouldn’t be made into a fight if you decide not to dress up.

Counter Point Twitter beef once again took the stage front at Shawnee Heights, but this time it’s our homecoming nominees fighting. A controversial topic that swarmed the halls during spirit week leading up to homecoming was if it was bad if homecoming candidates didn’t dress up for homecoming. Candidates took to the platform of social media, proclaiming that if you are a candidates and you don’t dress up for homecoming that you shouldn’t win the crown. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinions but here’s my perspective of the whole situation. If someone got elected to be homecoming king or queen it was clearly for a reason, people like what they are doing or who they are as a person. This being true I find it kind of ridiculous that people think that just because you don’t dress up you shouldn’t win, now don’t get me wrong I think everyone should participate in spirit week and dress up everyday because it’s extremely fun but I don’t think it’s necessary to do, to win.

Candidates aren’t nominated based on who dresses up the best for spirit week or who has the most school spirit, granted they can be, this usually isn’t the case. People don’t wait to see who they are going to vote for based on who dresses up, most people already know way ahead of voting time. I think this whole issue is just another Shawnee Heights overblown social media extravaganza. Whether you choose to dress up or not it’s not going to affect the outcome of the election so why bother making a big deal of it on social media.