Juniors’ free ACT test paid for by Kansas Legislature

Shalynn Long

This school year, the state of Kansas has passed a legislature law to fund one ACT and one Workkey test during the month of February, for all juniors in public schools. This is an easy way for the school to budget money, considering the legislature is paying for it. The ACT can be taken Feb. 20, 2019 in order to receive a free test.

“It’s more beneficial for some kids because some of them don’t actually have the funds to pay the $50 or whatever it is to pay for the ACT,” junior Rylee Boyd said.

Boyd has taken the ACT twice already. Considering that some students families may struggle with money, having a free ACT accessible to them is beneficial for their purpose.

The WorkKey, a test that analyzes work skills and job positions and can offer types of colleges that will accept you based on your test score. The WorkKey test date is Feb. 21, 2019 and that is the only date that is paid for by the Kansas legislative.

“I feel like it’ll get a lot more juniors to take and maybe give them a head start,” senior Eian Lewis said.

The free test allows for juniors to plan ahead for their senior year, given the chance they can take a free ACT to get an idea of how the test will be.

“Taking hard courses you probably learn more, so it gives you more time to plan if you’re a junior,” Rebecca Greer, a curriculum advisor, said.

Greer proposed that it can benefit the Shawnee Heights district for juniors to plan more efficiently for senior year, concerning their courses. This allows juniors to grasp the concept based on their ACT score, to coordinate their schedule for senior year.

*Extra material if needed*

ACT Cost

The cost of the ACT is generally $46 without the writing sections and it is $62.50 with writing portion. The upcoming test dates are Oct. 27, Dec. 8, Feb. 19, April 13, June 8, and July 13. The October date is occuring in the South wing of the high school. The December  and June test dates are in the North wing. Lastly the April test is within the Middle school. Currently the Feb and July test do not have a test location. Deadlines to sign up for each test end approximately one month before the test dates occur.

ACT Prep Class

There is an available prep class on Oct. 3 from 8 am to 12:45 pm.

It costs $45 per student, checks are made out to SHHS. However there is a limited class size. The deadline is Wednesday Sept. 26. This class helps someone learn the fundamental breakdown of the ACT and will describe what will be on the test. The class will also go over some techniques that will be used during testing.

ACT Basics

The ACT establishes the current comprehension level a student demonstrates. It focuses on varied subjects such as math, science, english, reading and writing.