Healthy Lifestyles: Foodie Starts Instagram Account

Healthy Lifestyles: Foodie Starts Instagram Account

Rebecca Donaldson

After her mother’s engagement, senior Tory Blosser decided to get into shape for her bridesmaid dress. After friends and family started noticing her lifestyle changes, she made her Instagram account to post daily foods, workouts, and recipes to encourage others to do the same.

Since then, it has grown, with over 900 followers. She posts her daily meals with recipes below and on her story, you can see workouts she does to stay in shape.

“It makes me feel really good and so the thought of losing that feeling keeps me going. The feeling that I’m doing something good for my body,” Blosser said.

If you follow her account, you’ll see her favorite quick snacks are sliced apples with cinnamon and toast with cream cheese or strawberry jam.

“Everyday, I’ll have something that’s not necessarily healthy, but it’s just kind of staying persistent,” Blosser said.

A few weeks ago, Blosser’s guilty pleasure was Pop Tarts. She would eat at least a one every day, chocolate flavors being her favorite.

“The most unhealthy stuff is super cheap, so it’s tempting. But I think it’s worthwhile to invest in the healthier stuff, even if it is a couple dollars more,” Blosser said.  

It’s easy to fall into the fast food black hole. But Blosser doesn’t overpriced healthy foods hold her back from eating what she likes.  

“I try to look for sales, my protein bars are usually 10 for 10 at Dillon’s, or I try to look for the off-brand, too,” Blosser said.

On Blosser’s page, you can find recipes she uses below each post. Even simple foods, like cinnamon on apples, she includes steps the way she makes it.

“I follow a lot of other food accounts. I’ll see things they post and think it looks good or easy and sometimes it’s their recipe so I’ll just screenshot them and make it my own a little bit,” Blosser said.

Blosser just finished her first year of cross country. Over the summer, she gradually worked her way up from walking to running almost everyday. To continue her new hobby, friends encouraged her to join the team.

Blosser, although she is not sponsored, has emailed companies and has received coupons for protein bars. One day, if her platform is bigger, she may look for sponsors. Until then, Blosser will continue her passion to have a healthy lifestyle and encourages others to do the same.