Working: A Musical

Larger cast works to perfect annual school musical tackling day to day lives of American workers

Mia Osier and Bryce Cook

The theme for this years’ musical is Working:  A New Musical. The musical, performed in November, is based around careers, how people feel about their job, and whether they feel that their job is important or not. It is an opportunity for students to explore the experiences that working people go through every day.

Working includes the hopes, dreams, joys, and concerns of the average working American. In the course of one full twenty-four-hour workday, the audience hears the stories of various workers such as ironworkers, waitresses, flight attendants, teachers, operators, and many others.

“There is no real main character to follow this year, what we are doing is everyone will learn all of the songs,” musical director, Mr. Jeff Boyer said.

Mr. Boyer and Mr. Robert Doole stated that if you want to participate in any of the musicals and you are available to take on a role, that they will find a spot for you. The reason for that is they want to make sure that if a student wants to experience being in a musical, they are able to.

”We’ve only got this one shot, so we want to make sure that everyone can take it,” Boyer said.

 High school is a time for people to try new things and the theatre department’s goal is to make that happen. The musical is a great opportunity to meet new people and gain more acting experience.

Nov. 15-17 are the dates for musical this year, you can get your tickets at the bookkeeping window for $10 as an adult, $5 as a student, or free if you have an activity pass. The musical will be performed in the auditorium and you won’t want to miss it.