Election Results

Olivia Talbert

Midterm election night was a nail biter for multiple candidates running for Kansas public office, with many of the races coming in close.

One of the most publicized races in the state, Governor, resulted in a win by Democrat Laura Kelly who defeated Republican Kris Kobach by less than 46 thousand votes (politico.com). This came about despite Kobach’s endorsement by President Trump on Oct 6.

Within the 2nd Congressional District, the race for the seat consisted of a tight race between Republican Steve Watkins and Democrat Paul Davis. After constant attacks of character on both candidates within their campaigns, Watkins took the seat holding 48.1 percent of votes (politico.com). His main opponent, Davis, lost by less than five thousand votes.

Both the 1st Congressional District and the 4th Congressional District ended with a Republican Victory for Roger Marshall, and Ron Estes (politico.com). As for the 3rd  Congressional District, the seat was flipped by Democrat Sharice Davis, who held 53.3 percent of voted in her district (politico.com).

The race for Secretary of State came between Republican Scott Schwab and Democrat Brian McClendon. Schwab won 52.9 of voters defeating McClendon by 9.3 percent (ballotpedia.org).


Percent Candidate Party Votes Winner
47.8% Laura Kelly Dem 489,337
43.3% Kris Kobach GOP 443,346
6.5% Greg Orman Indp 66,163
2.5% Other 25,130
1,023,976 total votes

2nd Congressional District

Percent Candidate Party Votes Winner
48.1% Steve Watkins GOP 124,859
46.4% Paul Davis Dem 120,421
5.5% Kelly Standley Libt 14,402

Secretary of State

Percent Candidate Party Votes Winner
52.9% Scott Schwab GOP 536,472
43.6% Brian McClendon Dem 441,444
3.5% Rob Hodgkinson Libya 35,515
1,013,431 total votes

*All data from Politico.com